Catamaran sailing in Croatia

family on a luxurious yacht

Catamarans were mostly rented only in exotic countries (as Caribic for example). But their popularity has increased among tourists in Croatia who want to experience the feeling of sailing on the sea, that Croatia is No.1 in boat rent abroud. If you would like to try sailing, but you don’t like being on a sailboat that keeps tilting, a catamaran would be the perfect option for you. If you seek really professionals, so let agency choose the right option. is the right choice.

Boat stability

The high stability of the catamaran sailing yacht is achieved by the width of the boat. Hulls are sufficiently far apart, thus ensuring sufficient stability of the boat in good weather conditions. To rent a catamaran sailing yacht, you should follow the instructions for shrinking the sails according to the wind. If you do so, your catamaran sailing yacht will be safe and comfortable. You should also check the catamaran Croatia before sailing to make sure everything works well. 

Catamaran accommodation 

Catamarans offer you privacy by separate cabins in both floats. One double cabin is on the forehead and one in the back of the float. Between the cabins there is a large bathroom with toilet. Some of the cabins have its own bathroom with toilet. There is also a storage place in the front, which can be used as an extra single bed. The classic catamaran has four cabins in which two small beds are placed. The catamaran Croatia also has a kitchen with a navigation corner. The whole superstructure is vitreous with large windows and connected by wide sliding door. Luxury catamarans are also equipped with a solar panel and a desalinator providing fresh water. Catamarans are a good option for those who want to experience how life on a board is like.


Catamarans have a small rolling front sail, gene or jib. When moving and tilting, stretching it to the sides is very easy. The main sail is large and it is also the most important power sail on the entire boat. Larger catamarans use an electric winch to lift it.